Energy Wellness (Healing)

Being our best requires us to take a close look at how we manage our energy.  Without managing our energy, our relationships may suffer, our work performance may suffer, and our general love for life may suffer.

Energy flows from four areas: mind, body, heart, and spirit.  They are separate, but interconnected.  You can learn to Manage Your Energy to Maximize Your Life with simple strategies:

Focus your Mind:  Attention is our ability to focus.
Take mental breaks.
Focus on one task at a time.
Practice these regularly.

Activate your Body:  When we have adequate physical energy, our body has the ability to get up and move and do.
Get the right fuel with a balanced diet.
Sleep 7-9 hours.
Be physically active. Start small and find activities you enjoy.

Engage your Heart: Learning to manage our emotions can help us improve the quality of our energy.
Build positive relationships with colleagues at work.
Practice showing kindness.
Learn to let go.

Center your Spirit:  Managing spiritual energy can look different for each of us. It’s about finding ways to slow down and get in touch with the things that allow us to center our spirit.
Find your own quiet time.
Understand your core values to help close the gap between who you are being and who you want to be.
Celebrate life.

What is dry cupping therapy? 
It is using suction cups to draw impurities, toxins, pain and inflammation away from tissues and organs to facilitate healing.
The cups can be placed on muscles like deep tissue massage or they can be placed on meridians like acupuncture to improve your general health.

Start managing your energy today to maximize your life.

About Me

My name is Tony, I am a male independent massage therapist. The Massage Expert salon (started in 2017) offers a wide variety of therapeutic massage modalities for relaxation, healing, stress reduction or well-deserved pampering sessions. I am here to help you feel, and be, your very best.

Why Us

With a warm and inviting atmosphere, I endeavour to provide you the best experience possible, ensuring that you arrive as a client but leave as a friend. Feel amazing from head to toe. Ambient music – relaxing sound. Shower available , daily sterilised equipment. Relaxing homely atmosphere with secure & private parking. Fresh towels provided every massage. Open daily until 10pm. Fully TRIPLE Vaccinated COVID-19

Areas around me

Roodepoort, Randpark Ridge, Northcliff, Northgate, Sundowner, Boskruin, Wilgeheuwel, Constantia Kloof, Ruimsig & Honeydew